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Despite popular belief, you don’t just wake up with an awesome beard. It takes proper care and grooming, just as you would take care of hair on top of your head. There are numerous ways to manage your facial mane, but let’s start with the Basics of Beard care.

1. Find a Barber a barber will be your best friend, your psychiatrists, your confidant etc... You need someone who can shape and train your beard to flourish and be great. You finish how you start, and starting with a barber pays huge dividends in the long run. Plus, a well-groomed beard is classy and shows you give a damn about your presentation.

2. Keep it Clean Show your beard some love by washing and conditioning it regularly. We recommend 3-4x/week or as needed as a starting point, You don’t want an unsightly beard or an odorous one either, so fellas… remember. cleanliness is next to godliness.

3. Oil and Moisturize

Probably one of the most important steps in Beard Basics is to add oil and or a good moisturizer. We recommend Fuel Beard Oil, Octane 83. This refreshing and invigorating blend is perfect in maintaining a healthy beard. Aside from the shine and scent, Octane 83 is also great for the skin underneath the beard. Spray a couple of drops of FUEL in your palm and rub it in thoroughly to your beard. It works best with a damp beard…fresh out of the shower. An olive or argan moisturizer never hurts as well, especially during colder and dryer winter months. So keep it moist…that’s what she said.

4. The Comb

Combing your beard is easy…using the correct comb is where many beardsman go wrong. If you use a plastic comb, slap yourself. Here’s why. A plastic comb generates static electricity, causing shock to hair and hair follicles. Plastic combs also cause beard breakage. Speaking of breakage, plastic combs are notoriously for breaking in half. Save your money by investing in a wooden comb.. Our good friends over at have an amazing wooden comb perfect for the modern bearded gentleman. This pocket-sized accessory makes combing your beard easy while out on the town or at home slow stroking it in the mirror (yes we’re still talking about beards). Wooden combs are relaxing to the beard and stimulate the skin, while promoting growth. This sleek and sturdy comb, made from Nanmu wood is a must have. Feel free to pick up yours here (link)

5. Support System

Find others like you with beards. You’re not alone in the process and we encourage you to engage with other beardsman. We are a tight-knit community and 90% of us always have awesome stories to share. The outsiders have no clue of what it takes to grow a manly beard. That’s ok…one day they will see the light. But for now, surround yourself with a support system who will compliment your beard. Yeah that's it for now.

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