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Winter Beard Maintenance

So it’s starting to get cold, snowing, or about to snow. These are your options for winter depending on where you live. The cold weather tends to bring wit hit dryness, which can cause your beard to suddenly become dry and possibly die off. As a result, you need to switch to the winter beard care plan.

Here are 3 quick tips to keep your beard healthy during the winter months:

1. Protection From the Elements - The cold weather is not a friend to your beard. You must fight this enemy pulling out all stops. Protect your beard from the elements by avoiding extreme temps if possible and keeping it well moisturized.

2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize - We cannot stress this enough. Keeping your beard healthy during the cold months requires daily moisturizing. Lack of proper moisturizing can lead to breakage, and death (of your beard). Seriously, keep this at the top of your priority list. Thank me later.

3. Tools - Ever built anything awesome without the proper tools? Didn’t think so. Building a great beard without great tools is no different. You’ll need to purchase AT LEAST one of our Wooden Combs, but the complete kit is really what’s hot in the streets. I’m not saying this because I own the company, I mean it! How else are you going to comb in the moisturizing CRUDE OIL? You better not say “with my plastic comb..” Plastic combs cause static electricity, contain imperfections in the plastic that can pull, yank, and tear hair out. Add to that, cold weather + plastic combs = the end of your healthy beard. Your arsenal of tools is key to making it through the winter.

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