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The S.P.R.E.D. Method

Making a commitment to grow a beard should not be taken lightly. It’s a monumental step in the life of a man and we salute those that take the 1st step. The road to a full-fledged beard is paved with battles unseen and we are here to assist you as you engage with certain forces. The beginning stages of a beard are the toughest and you’ll experience some itching and slight irritation. The average beard isn’t recognized until about 2 months of growth and we know the pain of getting through this stage as quickly as possible.

Believe it or not , there are some ways to get through this stage faster. That’s right, you can actually grow your beard faster…kind of. Check out the 5 elements below that will give your beard a boost. We have coined it “The SPRED Method”.

STRESS - The silent killer. If you under frequent stress, you are putting yourself at risk of low testosterone, which plays a vital role in Androgen hair growth. Stress can also constrict blood vessels, causing your precious beard roots to receive less nutrients. Detach from the matrix, meditate, woo-saaah if needed. Make a conscious effort to keep stress low; your beard will thank you.

PRODUCTS - Knowing the right products for your beard and skin texture are important. FUEL Beard Oil is a designed to stimulate growth as well as moisturize your beard. Think of it as fertilizer and nutrients for your beard. Not every beard was created the same way, so make sure you find the products that work for you. Click HERE for a list of Fuel Beard Company products.

REST - A healthy beard requires adequate rest in order to flourish. Your body requires sleep to function normally, and keep testosterone levels high. I know it’s tough, but try to push for 7-9 hours. You’re more likely to stick to this plan if you create a daily schedule. There are also sleep apps that will monitor your sleeping habits. Living by “You sleep when you’re dead” is not a smart mantra to live by. Go to sleep young man…

EXERSISE - 30-60 minutes of exercise will have a good effect on your overall health and testosterone levels. But lifting weights and doing other strength-oriented or high intensity training will increase your testosterone even more. So hit the gym…you lift weights, your beards lifts skirts. You’re welcome. Keep it tight!

DIET - Maintain a healthy, nutritious and vitamin infused diet. Eat a balanced combination of protein, veggies, and fruit. The value of a healthy diet is priceless and will increase your overall well-being. There are several vitamins that contribute to facial hair growth such as: Vitamin A, C, D, E, M(Folic acid) B3, B5 and B7 (Biotin). As for minerals: magnesium, zinc and iron.

Stick to "The SPRED Method" and you’ll put yourself in a position to have the most epic

of beards. We wish you well in your journey and await your pics showing us your progress.

Please feel free to send pics to as we may feature you on our website.

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